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Marketing pharmaceuticals comes with it’s own special challenges. The field is fraught with the danger of attorneys seeking settlements due to adverse effects. Regulatory burden is high. Truth in advertising is essential to avoid the pitfalls. How can you navigate the rough waters of the pharmaceutical industry? Simple, follow these guidelines.


Visual aids and education for physicians

Getting physicians to partner with you to sell your offering can be a daunting task. There is a lot of noise out there, and you have to stand out from the crowd. Having good educational material that is engaging and easy to understand will help improve the odds that you will outshine your competition. A great animation or explainer video can do just that. Educating physicians so they remember the benefits of your offering can help you win the sale. NEVER underestimate the power of video.

Go to trade shows, conferences and events

You can even offer to be a keynote speaker at them. Getting some face time with physicians when they are not distracted with the day to day rigors of their practice is a great way to get your offering out there. Professional trade show displays with a video about your offering playing in the background, will make your booth the one to visit. Also giving out relevant promotional products that are engaging and fun to use will help physicians remember you.

Marketing using Mobile apps

Developing a mobile app that relates to the product you are selling is a great way to build engagement. Through targeting offerings in this realm, you can help patients engage with you and your product line.Some mobile apps are able to track how a patient is affected by a prescribed therapeutic measure. Say you sell a new heart medication. Developing an app to monitor heart health, or one that offers a physical exercise program for heart attack survivors could be used. With your ads incorporated into the app platform, this is a great way to help make your brand a familiar name in a patient’s vocabulary and help them monitor and improve their health. Win, win.

Using bio infomatics, data visualization and enhanced drug development

Advances in computing power, AI and high capacity big data sets will change how treatments are developed and delivered in the future. To stay ahead of the curve, pharma companies will have to wield these technologies with skill, creativity and innovative thinking. With the potential for human health avatars or personalized health simulators replacing traditional animal models in research and development, game changing tech will revolutionize how we test potential compounds. To more rapidly develop treatments someday, personalized medicine will take on a whole new meaning. Getting lifesaving technologies from trials and ultimately to clinics faster has always been the goal. The challenge is to not cut corners on safety, but to do so using technology to crunch the data, thus improving both speed and safety. Patients wanting visual metrics to track their progress on a given treatment, are being clamored for. Advanced data visualization can help them more easily and clearly track their progress. We live in exciting times, and technology can only help us get where we are going. Let’s embrace that.