5 Tips To Develop Your Data Driven Web Presence for your Biotech Company

Data Driven Web Presence for your Biotech Company

Collect data first, build your website second: Why it is important to know your market before you dive in and build your biotech website, or before you even start a research product for that matter? Anyone can create a website. Seeing all the ads for Wix and Weebly we all know this. So why have […]

5 ways visual aids can help sell your science

Pitch Decks Aside, Why Are Visual Aids Important When Selling Your Science?   Let’s Take A Look! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then a video is worth a million. How does this figure in to your life science business? I speak with many research scientists, physicians, business people […]

Mobile app solutions to engage with your patients and partners: Automate your processes and build a fan base with software apps.

I was speaking with some of my LinkedIn associates ( mostly doctors)  about an article in the New York Times. I have been quoted in the New York Times before, and am aware that they can sensationalize things a bit and offer a point of view that fits their agenda. The main complaint in the […]