5 Tips To Develop Your Data Driven Web Presence for your Biotech Company

Data Driven Web Presence for your Biotech Company
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Collect data first, build your website second: Why it is important to know your market before you dive in and build your biotech website, or before you even start a research product for that matter?

Anyone can create a website. Seeing all the ads for Wix and Weebly we all know this. So why have a professional do this at all? Free does not always mean hassle-free however. The time that it takes to learn the software, the limitations that a free program has, or the frustration of not being supported all cost you. They could even cost you your sanity! To help you stay sane, here are some simple tips to consider when developing your online presence.

  • Market Research: Having enough market research to begin promoting your therapy or discovery is essential. Is there a big enough market at all? Perhaps the data needs to come before you ever spend 5-10 years to develop your science. Regulatory burden, barriers to market and patient market needs are all things to consider. How can you gauge how many patients will need your offering? What area are these patients are concentrated in? What does that ideal patient look like? These are all aspects of your plan that need to be defined, before you put your marketing messages together. Having a clear picture of who your end customer is, is essential. Do you even begin a research project, before knowing if there is enough market share to make it profitable? This is something most scientists do not even ask before they start, and some good market research before-hand would make a big difference.
  • Build a narrative based on what you find and the data you collect: Who is your target, where do they visit online, and what are their demographics? Weave a story that is compelling to them based on your findings. Really get to know who they are and what they need. Is your tech solving their problem better than anyone else’s solution?. People are not logical They are swayed by emotion and a compelling, emotionally gripping story will help them remember you and your science. If you are solving their problem better than anything else out there, then BAM! You can grab market share.
  • Put it all together in a comprehensive web and marketing plan: Ala cart marketing plans rarely work. In fact they are not actually plans at all but a hodge-podge of different pieces of media that vendors have sold you, with the promise of each individual thing being the magic bullet. It takes a strategic planning to hit the right sweet spot in your market. A brand has to be seen 13-27 times in different places in order to achieve total brand recognition with the public. Choosing the avenues you wish to advertise in beforeyou buy your media is an essential part of the planning process.
  • Measure your results and see what is working and what is not: There are so many analytics tools out there these days, attached to so many different kinds of media. You can tell what is trending, how much traffic you are getting and where that traffic is coming from. Looking at your marketing data on a regular basis is extremely important. You need to know where to adjust, which brings us to number 5.
  • Tweak your message: Now that you see the writing on the wall, adjust. Perhaps it’s not even where you put your message as much as what the message is. Try some A/B testing to determine which sets of messages are resonating with your audience. Split testing is a great way to isolate what is happening, how your audience is viewing you, and what you can do to reach them on a deeper level.

Being competitive in the digital realm is not easy. Touting your benefits in a crowded and noisy online world is not for the faint of heart, but following some of these tips will lead you in the right direction!

Happy online marketing!

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