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Through clear messaging and precision targeting, we simplify your concept to sell your science.

Urban Echo video done for Church Labs, Harvard. To play with sound click here

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We sell your science to your partners, potential investors and patients through clear and compelling narratives that simplify the science so that everyone can understand not only what the science is, but why you do it, and why it is important.

Clear Messaging

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We are a Life Sciences marketing firm, with a mission: to move science along further and faster by connecting the right people to make it happen. Our goal is to put great things together, to make it better than the sum of the whole. We wish to be instrumental in connecting the dots, putting the puzzle together to help all of humanity achieve happier healthier lives, to truly change the world for the better through science.

Web Development

A website is like a book. The homepage is like the cover. To make people want to open that book, or dive deeper into your site, the homepage has to be clear, poignant and intriguing. We can help you accomplish a clear narrative to make people go deeper.


Marketing life science can be complex. You have to have a solid plan and follow it. Many ala carte providers may come your way, trying to sell you individual solutions. Outside the context of a plan, this will fail 99% of the time. Strategy is everything. We can help.

Social Media

Social media marketing can help connect your organization to the right partners, investors and patients. In the digital age, it is a must that you connect with people where they live. Their digital "treehouse" is their Facebook page, twitter feed, or Linked In profile. Targeting the right people in this manner is essential.

App Development

Engaging with your target at a personal level is extremely important. A mobile app can help include you in your targets lives on a daily basis. Being useful and helpful through an automated app will keep your brand in their minds daily, building trust and familiarity. The help the app offers will guide them to you in times of need, and convert fans into partners and patients.

3 Industries We Serve


From regulatory compliance issues to product development and contract manufacturing, the world of biotechnology is ever changing and complex. Marketing biotechnology is no exception. In order to attract investors and partners, the marketing material you present have to be easily understood, and the benefits clearly defined. At Urban Echo we can help you strategize to maximize the effect of your efforts. A clear plan could be the difference between survival and failure in the highly competitive space. With good visual aids such as animation and video, as well as well placed digital media, getting your messaging across in a clear and targeted fashion has never been more important. Take a look. 


The absence of a good health care marketing plan can be a major hurdle for new or established medical practices, in a volatile and changing environment. It is indeed an exciting time, as medical advances that will change the world loom on the horizon. Connecting with the patients that can use your services proves to be a challenge as the marketplace is noisy and cluttered place. Cutting through the noise and offering clear messaging and benefits to patients and partners alike will transform your practice from a nightmare into a dream. Through effective messaging and precision targeting, your medical practice could stand head and shoulders above your competition. Read on.


Drug manufacturers face legal, regulatory and technology-related challenges every day. Product liability issues, and accuracy in emphasizing drug benefits loom large. With human genomics leading the way to an environment of personalized medicine, the landscape of pharmaceuticals is changing. Competition from 3D printed compounds could prove to be a major force rivaling traditional drug manufacturers. With nanotechnology just on the cusp of a breakthrough, staying competitive has never been so difficult. Alliances with smaller more flexible companies is a new paradigm that demands it’s recognition. Navigating the new rules of, “New Pharma” will require a deep understanding of how to present information, and comply legally at the same time. We can help.